Towhee Freshwater

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Towhee Freshwater is a character in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Towhee is a nickname given to her by her brother Emile. Originally, he was the only person to use it, in a teasing but playful way. "Because she chirps and has crazy eyes like a spotted towhee." After the family annihilation she insisted everyone call her Towhee and refused to answer to her given name, Odelia.

Since the deaths of her family and the disappearance of her father, she has been fostered by Dearth and Virginia Newland.

Towhee drives a blue 1985 Ford F-250.

In her first appearance, Melisende described her thus:

“She was about my height, five-nine, and broad shouldered with dark brown hair pulled back from her round face. Under her neon orange quilted jacket, she wore a black, shapeless turtleneck, white leggings, and grey boots polished to a mirror finish. Her large, wide-set russet eyes bounced around the lobby like a sparrow checking for a hawk.”[1]

More generally, she wears her hair in different colors each week, green, blue, pink, or even all three. At times she ties it back in a prim bun, others she gels up into a sharp Mohawk. Her shoulders and chest are as broad as a weightlifter’s, tapering down to a narrow waist and slender legs.

Legal Problems

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 12 October 2000
Foster Care: 2/21/2009 with Dearth and Virginia Newland
Date of Death: —

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