Bouton Funerary Service

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Bouton Funerary Service is the funeral home owned by the Bouton Family in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Founded informally in the 1870s by Eugène de Bouton as a carpentry and tool shop (E. de Bouton, Woodcrafter & Undertaker) which served the mines dotting the slopes of Shatter Hill and the ranches and settlements of southern Barlow County, in a relatively short time it became the go to place for coffins and even burials at the Bouton Cemetery adjacent to the home and workshop grounds. Eugène committed to providing funeral and burial services when he built what would eventually be known as the Old Mortuary in the mid-1890s. With his son, Anton de Bouton, he would establish Bouton Funerary Service as a company in 1905. For the next sixty years, it would be the only funeral services provider in Barlow County, until Swarthmore Funeral Home opened in Wilton in 1968.

The original location, sometimes referred to as the Old Mortuary, is on Shatter Hill. The New Mortuary, a second location which in time became the primary, was opened in Samuelton, Oregon in 1971 to better compete with Swarthmore. By that time, Shatter Hill was considered too remote for most people, though old Barlow families would continue to choose Bouton and the Pioneer Cemetery for funeral services. Starting in the 1970s, the majority of burials in Barlow County were at Bluebunch Glen Memory Garden between Samuelton and Wilton.

The funeral home owns two service vehicles, a hearse and a first call body transport van.


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