Melisende Dulac

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Melisende Dulac is the main character in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Sister of Fitz Dulac, daughter of Cricket and Stedman Dulac. Married to (and possible widow of) Geoffrey Bouton.

She is an employee of Bouton Funerary Service, a mortuary owned by her husband's family in Barlow County, Oregon. As an apprentice mortician, her duties primarily consist of body transport and miscellaneous tasks around the funeral home. Starting the autumn after the events of Crossroad, she entered the mortuary sciences program at Barlow County Community College with the goal of becoming a licensed funeral services practitioner.

As part of her duties, she drives the funeral home's first call mortuary transport, which she nicknamed The Stiff.[1] She also drives the funeral coach, or hearse, for funerals.[2]

Personal Details
Melisende has green eyes* and medium-length, mousy hair that tends toward unruliness. She prefers to dress casually, favoring t-shirts and sweatshirts printed with mortuary puns and jokes. She is 5'9" with a medium build and the kind of muscularity you get from physical work rather than from working out. She is the exact opposite of a gym rat.

She is named after Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem.

*Melisende doesn't describe herself except in the most general way. The color of her eyes can be inferred from a comment made by her friend Barb after loaning her a blouse, "The purple brings out your eyes."[3] For a long time, she also doesn't wear a watch, a fact she often notes.[4][5]

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 25 March 1992
Marriage: 3 December 2015 to Geoffrey Bouton
Separation: 9 April 2016 (Geoffrey vanishes in Paris)
Date of Death: —

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