Ruby Jane Whittaker

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Ruby Jane Whittaker is a major character in the Skin Kadash Series by Bill Cameron.


Born and raised in the southwest Ohio town of Farmersville. She attended Valley View High School, where she played basketball. She was also a distance runner and, briefly, romantically involved with Finn Nielson[1].

Her mother is Bella Denlinger and her father Dale Whittaker. Her brother is Jimmie Whittaker. Her senior year in high school, she gave birth to a son who was subsequently taken by Bella to raise. Bella named the child Biddy Denlinger. Ruby Jane was never allowed to see the child, and only learned that he died very young many years later.

She is the owner of Uncommon Cup, a small coffeehouse chain, in Portland, Oregon[2].

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 11 November 1971
Date of Death: —

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