Biddy Denlinger

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A character in the Skin Kadash Series.


Biddy was Ruby Jane Whittaker's son, born while she was a senior in high school. Against Ruby Jane's will her mother, Bella took custody of Biddy and had him in her care when he died before reaching his first birthday. Finn Nielson was his father. His full name is Bidwell Denlinger Whittaker, though Ruby Jane wanted to name him Huck after her nickname for his father.


Biddy never appears on the page in County Line, but is a critical figure in Ruby Jane's decision to return her former home in Farmersville, Ohio and eventually travel to confront Bella on Orcas Island, where Biddy is buried.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 14 January 1990
Date of Death: 11 December 1990