Murder at the Shipyard

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Murder at the Shipyard (working title) is the second conceived book in the Eden Pond Series.


In September 1942, the Oregon Shipbuilding Company goes all out to build a war-critical Liberty Ship in record time, ten days from laying the keel to launch. Caught up in patriotic fervor, welder Eden Pond is eager to do her part. But when the truculent foreman of her work crew falls from a catwalk on day one of the effort, evidence points to murder. The lead suspect is a young welder's helper Eden had been teaching to read so he could enlist in the army.

Detectives on the case learn about the relationship, and turn their attention to her. Things heat up when they discover Eden rebuffed amorous advances by the dead man, even threatening him if he didn’t keep his hands to himself. With the yard working round the clock to get the ship done in time, Eden must find out what really happened before the police decide they don’t need to look any further than her.

The events of the novel take place in September 1942. Murder at the Shipyard follows The Lethal Shore and "The Railroad Job." It precedes Women's Air Service.

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