Marty Kadash

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Aaron Martin Kadash is a character in the Eden Pond Series (also mentioned, but never appeared, in the Skin Kadash Series.


Though his first name is Aaron, he goes by his middle name—Martin, or preferably Marty—to downplay his Jewish heritage.

In Murder at the Shipyard, he works as a chipper. Blanche Wilmot tells the police she saw him kill Victor Thibault.

Years later, after the war, he would go on to marry Ursula Voronin, and fathered Skin Kadash.

He went missing and was presumed dead in 1954.

Had a melodic voice in sharp contrast to a face no one would call handsome. A gap in his yellow teeth marked a missing upper left canine. Short brown hair. A port wine birthmark around his left eye. Craggy and calloused hands from his work at the shipyard.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 28 Feb 1926
Date of Death: 2 Jan 1954 (presumed, no body ever found)

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