Freshwater Hot Springs

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Freshwater Hot Springs is a location in Barlow County in the Melisende Dulac Series.


Freshwater Hot Springs is located at Certain Butte, an eroded hill about a mile south of Samuelton. It was originally part of a mining claim of Gruffyn Freshwater who came to Barlow County in the 1860s. Though the mining operation was only modestly successful, the hot springs were developed as a resort, with the Freshwater Hot Springs Hotel becoming a popular destination for the wealthy in the 1890s.

In time, the hotel failed and the State of Oregon took over the property to pay back taxes. At present, Freshwater Hot Springs is a state park offering camping and hotel lodging, as well as spa services including mineral springs baths and massage.

Associated Characters

  • Towhee Freshwater (indirectly, as the property passed into state ownership decades before she was born)