Barlow County Sheriff's Department

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Barlow County Sheriff's Department is the primary law enforcement organization in Barlow County in the Melisende Dulac Series.


“The Barlow County Sheriff’s Department can barely field a softball team.” [1]
   —Melisende Dulac

The department's office is located in Samuelton in the Sam Barlow Building across the street from Susannah Lee Memorial Park. The office itself takes up one half of the second floor, across from the county commission offices. The county jail is located in a secure section of the basement.

Barlow County Sheriff’s Department Patrol is supervised by a chief deputy sheriff (known in many jurisdictions as undersheriff). There are currently five patrol deputies, two patrol corporals, one sergeant, three on-call deputies, and one resident deputy stationed in Pilchik. The Jail is staffed around the clock by six corrections deputies commanded by one corrections corporal. The department also performs policing duties for the city of Samuelton.[2]

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