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Joey Getchie is the main character in The Myth of Joey Getchie series. At the start of the first book, Property of the State, Joey was sixteen years old and living in foster care.


Joey's mother is Eva Getchie and his father Orville Getchie. His sister is Laura Getchie. His father and sister died in a house fire when Joey was six years old. Eva fled the scene, leaving Joey to be taken into state care. From that point on, he live in the Oregon foster care system. He had nine different foster placements from age six through the events of Property of the State.

During Property of the State, Joey is being fostered in the home of Anita and Wayne Bobbitt. He worked as a housecleaner and doing odd jobs for the Huntzel family while attending high school at Katz Learning Annex.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 6 April 2001
Date of Death: —

Character Affiliations

Foster Placement History

Foster Parent(s) School Age Grade Caseworker
Maddie O’Neill Buckman 6 to 7 1 to 2 Edwina Pryor
Smiths Kelly 8 to 10 3 to 5 Hedda Petty
Quittners Abernethy 10 5 Hedda Petty
Yearlings Hosford Middle 11 6 Hedda Petty
Tinkels Lane Middle 11 to 13 6 to 9 Hedda Petty
Tinkels Marshall 14 9 Hedda Petty
Franks Forest Grove 14 9 Hedda Petty
Rieskes Parkrose 14 9 Hedda Petty
Natrones Central Catholic 15 10 Hedda Petty
Bobbitts Katz 15 to 17 10 to 11 Hedda Petty / Fairman McNamee