Stuart Spaneker

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Stuart Spaneker is a character in the Skin Kadash Series.


Scion of the well-connected Spaneker family, from an early age, Stuart had his sites set on Ellie Spaneker. However, after their marriage he became violent and abusive. As a result of one of his beatings, Ellie miscarried. Afterward, in response to her increasing emotional distance he grew even more abusive, and also began sleeping around with other women. When Ellie became angry after he infected her with syphilis, he attacked her once again, this time with such violence she stabbed him in the head with a pair of scissors in self-defense. The subsequent brain injury left him incapable of speech or cognition much higher than a young child. The family had him institutionalized, but he escaped in 2007 and made his way north from Klamath County to Portland, where he interfered with his father Hiram's attempt to kill Ellie.